Trail Running and Micro Ambition

So, I’ve recently started trail running. After spending the last 3 years in a 600 sqft room I found myself longing to be outside and moving around more. To raise my heart rate a bit and try and claim back some basic levels of fitness. Being honest, I’d had that urge for ages. But I […]

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Wabi Sabi Knee Sleeves

The Japanese have an idea which permeates throughout their entire culture. It is both a design ideal, and a philosophy, a way of seeing the world. It is something that is sorely missing in western culture as we are constantly told to strive for more, better, newer. This idea is known as Wabi Sabi, though […]

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Eurgh. Khrys Speed. Eurgh.

Eurgh. Khrys. The next athlete in Union Barbell’s line up is Khrys Speed. I first came into contact with him through a friend and immediately noticed him through the videos he posts on social media on a regular basis. Khrys is an amazing athlete, no two ways about that. And you get the feeling that […]

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