Author: Ewan Burkinshaw

The World’s Strongest Boy

I always wanted to work with athletes at Union Barbell. But I didn’t want to pick any old knobhead, I wanted to work with people that were awesome. That always came before their athletic ability. I’ve met some mega strong people before, but they were absolute bedwetters, so I’m not really going to fling them […]

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Strap Line?

I got told recently that Union Barbell needed a strap line. It makes sense from a marketing perspective. A few words or a phrase which gives people a basic expectation of the brand. So, I sat down to think of one. It’s hard. Union Barbell is very much an extension of myself (except much less […]

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Chris Bland

Union Barbell is about as grass roots as it comes. I used my friend to help design the logo (by help I mean she did it all), I use a friend in Sheffield to print all the clothing and there is one guy, so far, who is currently responsible for the all the art work. […]

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