Union Barbell was created as a step away from the typical strength training apparel and equipment currently available. With a clean and simple aesthetic the focus has always been, and will always be, on quality. Our products may not be the cheapest, but they will be the fucking best.

If you’re striving to break records, and do things no human has ever done before, then you need to use equipment you can trust. Everything that Union Barbell supplies has been tested, revised, tweaked then tested and tweaked again. We supply nothing that is less than perfect.

And if breaking records isn’t your thing (cough *pussy* cough) then the equipment and apparel will still be a joy to use, and make you look sexy as fuck.

We don’t give a shit about money, or profits. We care about strength and perfection. Being strong ourselves and making those around us the strongest they can be. We also believe in the intrinsic value of craftsmanship. Of creating beautiful, functional, things with our hands, and then using them to death. Union Barbell is the combination of these two ideals.

Meet our team

Who The Fuck is Union Barbell?

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