Eurgh. Khrys Speed. Eurgh.

Eurgh. Khrys.

The next athlete in Union Barbell’s line up is Khrys Speed. I first came into contact with him through a friend and immediately noticed him through the videos he posts on social media on a regular basis. Khrys is an amazing athlete, no two ways about that. And you get the feeling that he’s one of those knobs that can turn his hand to anything he wants to.

Well, look at it this way, he competes in both weightlifting and rugby 7’s to very respectable levels. So that’s two sports he excels in which require very different things from the body.

What a tosser.

But that’s the worst thing! He’s not even a tosser. He’s put up with me pestering him about training for ages now. And he even tried coaching me for a little while, but that fell through because I am un-coachable. And yet he still gives me advice. I’ll often send him a message, expecting a brief answer. Next thing I know he’s sending me a 5 minute long mobility video.

Honestly, want to hate him, but I just can’t.

Speaking of mobility, Khrys is mental mobile. It’s not till you’ve been watching him squat with PERFECT form for about 20 minutes do you realise he’s wearing flat shoes. He posts regularly on social media and you should definitely follow him. Some of the shit he does is seriously impressive.

On a more serious note, at the time of writing he is working toward opening his own gym, Tribe Stength. Even though it’s a good few hours away from Union Barbell HQ, I’ll definitely be making the trip there as often as I can. If you’re ever in the Bedfordshire area then get yourself there for lifting fun times.

Have some stats:

  • Bronze @ English Nationals
  • Top 10 in 94kg and 105kg weight class in Britain in weightlfiting
  • Former Championship Rugby Player
  • Top Flight/Elite Rugby Sevens Circuit
  • All around nice guy
  • Afflicted with rubber joint syndrome

(He made me put those last two in. Please don’t hit me again, Khrys).

Follow Khrys’ Facebook here.

Follow Khrys’ Instagram here.

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