The World’s Strongest Boy

I always wanted to work with athletes at Union Barbell. But I didn’t want to pick any old knobhead, I wanted to work with people that were awesome. That always came before their athletic ability. I’ve met some mega strong people before, but they were absolute bedwetters, so I’m not really going to fling them a tee shirt, am I?

Thankfully, with one of my athletes I get the best of both worlds.

Paul Smith is quickly becoming a name, a real name, not just in UK strongman, but international strongman. (Side note, how fucking cool is it I sponsor an international athlete?).

I first started following Paul on Facebook, just because he was strong as balls. It wasn’t until a bit later that I learned how young he was (he’s like 14, but looks 42) (just messing). I actually competed with Paul at a local push pull, and when he rocked up I was slightly star struck, and also very glad he was in the weight class above. That day I won my class with a 275kg deadlift and a 95kg log. He put up a 350kg dead and a 160kg log. Very much in a different league.

For the past few years he’s just been going from strength to strength, and has recently come back from Canada where he won the World’s Strongest Junior competition, setting a new World Record in the process.

Honestly, he’s just mental fucking strong, and a really nice guy. So, so happy to have him on the team.

Best lifts:

  • 360 deadlift
  • 280 squat
  • 200 bench
  • 240 front squat
  • 170 log press


  • Junior England and UK’s strongest man 2015
  • Northern England and England’s strongest man 2016
  • Junior World’s strongest man 2017

Follow Paul’s FB page here.

Follow Paul’s Instagram page here.


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